We install every Progressive Web App on a number of devices and browsers to ensure compatibility. For most apps, you simply need to ensure the web page is fully loaded before adding to your home screen.

However, there are a few problems you may encounter. If you are still having trouble, please don't hesitate
to contact us.

Browser Compatibility

Private browsers like DuckDuckGo or Firefox do not support Progressive Web Apps. Please use a browser like Chrome, Opera, or Samsung Internet.

On iPhone and iPad, the Add to Home Screen function is only available on Safari.

No Icon

When you tap the Add to Home Screen button, sometimes the picture will show a screenshot of the web page, or even an older icon. Please wait 3-4 seconds
for the icon to load.

We try to send you directly to a page that will provide an icon. There are a few sites that do not have their icon setup on the homepage, so you may need to click on another page within the site before adding to your home screen.

No Fullscreen

Very rarely, you may need to close any popups that are on the page. This includes the ad at the top that asks you to download the native app. We have only found a few sites that require this. You may also need to navigate to another page first.

There are some apps that need you to sign up or log in before they will give you fullscreen capability. It is generally better to log in from within the browser,
and then Add to Home Screen afterward.

*Snapdrop is not available in fullscreen for iOS, but its worth having!